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12 September 2010

tosca widgets

I have released some tosca widgets to use with turbogears.

  • tw.uitheme : a thin wrapper around several styles from uitheme
  • tw.jqmultiselect : packaging of the excellent jquery multiselect plugin which provides a nice representation of multiple select options list, with search and drag and drop.
  • tw.jqgrid : tosca widget around the jquery grid plugin, very useful indeed.
  • tw.gravatar : this widget lets you insert a gravatar image for any given email address, it of course relies on the gravatar web service.
  • tw.epiclock : this widgets allows for easy insertion of countdowns (is your session about to expire soon ?) of the current time on the server. It is based on the epiclock javascript library.

I also became maintainer of tw.swfobject a widget to easily insert a flash content

I've had a go at using jstree, but it wasn't what I wanted for my immediate need, so I didn't go to package it as a tosca widget, anyone ?

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