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16 September 2010

elixir internationalization of content

I was recently challenged to implement an internationalization of the content of my TG application.

There is of course many tools, mostly Babel, to translate the interface and the message strings that live in the python vivarium. A good documentation can be found on the pylon website.

More difficult is to manage the i18n of the content of the RDBMS.

werner, on the sqlalchemy mailing list pointed me to an old thread regarding a discussion about dynamic_loader.

He also sent me links to a blog with a lot of thoughts about my problem.

Graham Higgins had derived the versioning extension of elixir and modified it to implement a concept of Local content. He shared his code, but it failed to pass its tests, elixir had moved up from 0.4 to 0.7. So I took upon me to rewrite this component and make it work, it is now available as an elixir extension.

It is hosted on google code and you can easily check out a copy.


  1. Hi,
    I have to implement i18n of content in one of my sites. Looking for python solutions i stumbled upon your one.

    I am storing rather large strings which need to be translated, so the question is if there's a big performance hit when searching.

  2. Sorry, I missed another question: did you benchmark it?

  3. Hi, I'm sorry I haven't seen your comments before. Actually no, I haven't benchmarked it. If you have some feedback regarding the code performance, or any suggestions to improve it, please do not hesitate.