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24 February 2012

Eclipse pydev template to generate sql alchemy migrations

How often have you committed code, just to realize your missing a column in your sqlAlchemy model?
If you're using eclipse IDE, you can leverage the templates to write a migration script in no time.
Go to windows -> preferences -> PyDev -> Editor -> Templates

then create a new template with :
  • name : Module: Migration SQLA
  • context: New Module
  • description: SQLA migration
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on ${date}

@author: ${user}

from sqlalchemy import *
from migrate import *

meta = MetaData()

def upgrade(migrate_engine):
    meta.bind = migrate_engine
    some = Table('some',  meta, autoload=True)
    if not 'somename' in some.columns:
        new_col = Column('somename', Unicode(255))

def downgrade(migrate_engine):
    meta.bind = migrate_engine
        some = Table('some',  meta, autoload=True)

And that's it ! you can now go into your migrations folder and do:
New -> PyDev Module, and choose your new template

1 comment:

  1. Just to note, you could use ${somename} and ${some} as variables.